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Unconscious bias is a barrier to equality, diversity and inclusion

Recent revelations about gender pay gaps and sexual harassment have raised public awareness of gender equality, particularly in the workplace. Even where well-intentioned organisations provide equality of opportunity, there will be inequalities of outcome. This is largely due to unconscious bias, which affects us all, is outside of our control and is influenced by our background, cultural environment and personal experiences. Unconscious bias affects individual and organisational decision making and is a barrier to diversity, equality and inclusion. The Equality Business provides training and consultancy in all the dimensions of people-management where bias can creep in, including a very effective workshop on unconscious bias which creates awareness of bias and provides tips and tools to avoid exercising it in future.


February 23rd, 2018



On Privilege....


Privilege is when you think something is not a problem, because it's not a problem to you personally! 

Unconscious bias training can explain and create awareness of privilege and the ways it can blind people to the operation of unconscious bias.


February 16th, 2018.


2018 – keep the equality going.......


In February 2018, the Government will ratify the UN convention on the rights of people with disabilities.  Momentum from Waking the Feminists has influenced equality activities and government policy in the arts and culture and the work of the Committee on the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution has raised awareness of gender and social inequalities in health.  In November, 2017, a task force for Gender Equality in Higher education was established to prepare a prioritised three year action plan.   The 'Sex Scandals' in film and politics have shown how sexual harassment had become normalised and people are no longer willing to accept it. 


Are we making progress towards a more equal society?  Yes and No.  The gender pay gap persists, women and minority groups are under-represented in decision making in politics and business, and do not have equal access to certain areas of the workforce.  Carers are under-recognised and undervalued.


To misquote a well known politician, let’s keep the recovery (towards equality) going....


Happy New Year




No country for working women


Ireland: No country for working women - article by Fiona Reddan this week.

Similar findings to my own - Complex Inequality and 'Working Mothers' (2015), Cork University Press.  We need to change the childcare landscape, particularly the way care is regarded and rewarded (not) in Irish society.

23 November 2017.




 Everyday Sexism and Sexual Harassment


The ‘Sex Scandal’ in politics and the arts world is not a scandal, it is the status quo, just that some brave women are coming forward to shine a light into this very dark corner. Sexual harassment happens in every walk of life, and women learn to avoid, adjust and modify their behaviour. Sexual harassment is not a gender issue, it is a power issue. Organisations are historically dominated by white heterosexual men, it is impossible to fit women and minority groups into such places without changing organisational structures and cultures. Without creating cultural and structural change, everyday sexism will continue.


03 November, 2017

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